problems configuring EHCP

I have EHCP installed on Ubuntu server with 10.4 GUI. I can not get this server to be seen outside my local network. I am a bare bones NOBO to this so laymens terms are best. Should I set the server IP to my ISP ip or do I give it a local IP? like I said I am a NOBO so all the help I can get is great....Thanks in advance

i think your problem is port redirection. did you do port redirection?

ip settings in ehcp gui->options :
dnsip: your external real ip given by your isp
localip: local - internal ip of server.

note that, you may not reach your domains in your internal network, until you update hosts file for other computers, if you are in same network as your server.

ok thanks, I did all that and now I am getting a 169 IP so I have no connection at all.
I redirected the ports and lost my connection, so now what do I need to do?

what you mean by no connection ?
no connection to your server ?

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I have no internet on the server at all it has a 169 ip which is an internal default ip when it cant find dhcp

Did you turn off dhcp on your router?

No because I need dhcp for my other computers. It now has an ip but I still cant get email to go through. I get an IMAP error now. This is really getting frustrating!I also can not access the server any where but on the server. HELP!!!!!!!

Okay so to confirm:

you have a ip on the server- 192 or smthn

in ehcp settings local ip is set as that

dnsip is set you your outside realworld ip? use to find it out and put it in for the dnsip

as for domain name etc you would point mail records and www to that ip. ie. would need to be set to your real ip showing in ipchicken.

but.. do you have a static ip from your isp? if not we need to configure a little differently

let me know

Yes my ip gives a static ip. How do I point mail records and www to my ip? and yes to the other questions. my local is and then my dnsip is my static given by my isp.

you dont have to do anything additional,
just setup/add your domain in ehcp, this way, you have done redirection of mail/dns/www records to your ip.

can you give your domain and external ip, so that we may do a quick check ?

also search for "port 587" on this site.
some isp's does block port 25.

I keep having a problem with the server going "off line" other words my router does not show it attached.......I think a fresh install of ehcp is probably in order to undo everything and start over....can someone give me step by step instructions........??????

Okay so sounds like that's all set. as for setting your records. Who did you register your domain with?

I didn't register my domain. I should be able to host without a third party.

Well that's an issue. Are you going to route just via ip or smthn? to have a site you have to get a name from a registar or the primary dns servers won't have your info..

Thats not entirely true.........I have seen 3 servers with my own eyes that have a domain name and are NOT long as you point the server name to your ip it works just fine.

right but as ehcpdeveloper said above , that is only ideal if people add the record to their host file or a local LAN server setup. You could do a dyndns hop and that would also work. I'll be online today from 10-9 so hit me up if u wana walk through it.

registering does not mean that you use a third party.
it means that,
you buy and record that a so called "domainname" is yours, so that everybody in world can reach you without any specific setting in their computers.

you have to do "domain registration" in one of "registrars" all around world, to make your domain reachable from all world.

After registration(buying) of domain from one of registrars, you "redirect" your domain to your server via "dns setting in registrar", then, you do hosting in your server without any third party.

You cannot see the registrar as a third party.

Domainname is a "name" that makes people remember something, that points to an ip of server.
in fact, it is an easy way of reaching a webserver/server.

if somebody wants to reach a server by name, there are a few ways:
* define a name-> ip redirection in local computer (such as hosts file)
* define name->ip redirection in the dns server of that computer/network
* define name->ip redirection in master dns servers or in one of "registrars"

the first two requires no registration or buying of something, in fact, it works, but everybody in world need to do that setting or define that dns server.

in third case, everybody in world is already using registrars and master dns servers, so, they dont need to do extra setting, so they can reach you.

putting your domain->ip pair/registration in master dns servers or registrars is called "registration" and it costs something.

if you dont want to register your domain, or if you dont want to pay something,
and if you want your domain to be reachable by people, then,
you need to say all people: "make that domain->ip redirection in your computer or your dns server". that is an option, but quite hard :)

third way, is how today's internet works.