Ehcp for Ubuntu 20.04 first Beta ready

You may download and test Ehcp 20.04 for Ubuntu 20.04 from url:
(See usual download instructions)

This is first beta release for Ehcp. Please try and report any issues. Do not directly install to production servers, not all functions tested.

Actually, there are little changes from previous versions. Only a few Ubuntu 20.04 adaptations. No major changes. Some features and nginx/webserver configurations are improved.

New year, new decade, 2020 and new horizons

Although not known very much in public, we are continuing to support and develop/improve Ehcp. Anyone who need help/support may reach us usually by many means, either for free version or for professional version of Ehcp.
We plan to release Ehcp 20.04, after Ubuntu 20.04 is released.
We are also pleased to get suggestions/feature requests from you. Just drop an email or post on this site.

Secure your Linux ! Update needed in php

Please check your systems against a possible security vulnerability, as described at

If there is anything that we can do on Ehcp side, please let us know, send email to support@e..

To get regular security warnings/updates, you may consider to subscribe to our Pro plan.

Installing Ehcp in a virtualmachine on Ubuntu 19.04

Installing Ehcp in a virtualmachine in your destop (or even server), on Ubuntu version 19.04:

sudo apt install virtualbox
sudo apt install vagrant
mkdir ~/ehcp_vagrant
cd ~/ehcp_vagrant
vagrant init ubuntu/disco64
# Edit Vagrantfile, uncomment line with: "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 8080, host_ip: ""
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
tar -zxf ehcp_1804.tgz
cd ehcp
./install # run & finish installation

Smtp/mail error: saslauthd server: No such file or directory

If you see following error in your syslog:
warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory
Then, the solution is as is in

Ehcp Version 18.04 first preview available...

We have prepared first preview version of Ehcp 18.04, which is for Ubuntu 18.04.
You can download and try/test it from

We have tested only basic functionality. Ehcp installs directly, ehcp login works, domain/ftp add works.
We did not test every detailed feature, please test yourself and share your test results with us via

A fix for Ubuntu 16.04

With Ehcp 0.38.5 and later (on Ubuntu 16.04), init scripts in /etc/init.d may cause some apt update commands to fail. So, please move ehcp and that is in /etc/init.d to some other location, until this is fixed.
After this move, apt -f install command would fix the apt system.