Our Current Work on EHCP

Example1: http://imgur.com/iVpyW.png
Example2: http://imgur.com/XwqkV.png

We are working on a redesign of EHCP, and a overhaul of some of the code with added functionality, its no where near complete but its getting there.

Our main point is consolidation and CSS control for the layout, this has required a lot of edits of the classapp.php file to allow CSS id's and class's to be added.

The side bar has been simplified, and the links that where below the "Domain" section originally have been added as icons to the domain page, this is to make the use more linear and obvious for new users. The deactive/active icons work as does the size quota, and the link at the end to deactivate domain also works.

Next task is to remove the "options" link and add it to another area with some heavy customisation.

Example2 shows the Server Options page, where we have moved the phpinfo() and other options.

Much appreciation to Razvan and his work on the Ubuntu theme which is what we have based our work from.

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Thank you for your works, for improving ehcp.
All your works is quite well, I am waiting curiously.

Please put small notes on code, that you change functions, so that, I can modify the codes on my side,
As many programmers states same, please try to keep coding separate from appearance.. I mean, in code of classapp.php, there should be minimum html syantax/tags.

Currently, I also make some modifications (not on layout, luckily), so, to have all changes tight up, please track function changes.. I may also send you the latest copy of classapp.php file.

Also, for layout, read my suggestion at http://ehcp.net/?q=node/751#comment-1670

It will be some time before I can send it over, I am off the project for a week or so.

The problems we had where that we had to add a lot of html syntax into the classapp.php file, something we understand is a problem, however we could find no other solution to control what was displayed. I have just got hold of the listSelector function, I can't include it as the code format tag on here doesnt work and still reads the html tags in the syntax and there is no pre tag available to use.

we should I send the classapp.php file?

Yes, please put your comments, on where you did changed something (if it is not directly clear that something is changed).
for ex, man html/tag additions are already clear.

then, send me your classapp.php, so that:
I will try to understand what you are trying to do, and may be I will find a way to move them out of php coding, move them to templates and so on..

Especially I need coding for http://i.imgur.com/iVpyW.png
it is a new php function I think.



I have sent you our classapp.php file.

Can you send me your classapp.php file, so that I will analyze it and say you my suggestions, if any.

further updates made:


You can see we have added progress bars to indicate the usage for memory and disk space. The memory requires another bash script placing in /misc to pull just the memory stats out, the disk usage is done using PHP functions disk_total_space and disk_free_space.

Very nice stats. nice contribution. thank you.
I got your last email.
i will try to update my copy too.
please do not change syncdomains, syncdns and similar system operations. since I am updating them a little. in fact you dont need to change them, because you update visual things, and statistics.

Please send me your last copy, when finished.