Template System - How does it work?

Ok, I have been tasked with redesigning a template for EHCP and having trouble getting my head around it.

My questions are:

1. The main pages, such as index.php?op=listselectdomain, op=serverstatus, op=listbackups etc where are they kept, how can I change the layout for these pages?

2. I can see certain template variables throughout, such as {dynamicinfo}, is there a list of all the variables? and how can I change the information and style that is displayed for the variables?

* First, I advise you to read the posts about templates, that can be reached through

You will find answers to your question 1 there.
in short, the template or general appearance of ehcp is controlled by html files in templates dir.
dir structure is like ehcp/templates/templatename/language
for ex:

* template variables can be found in classapp.php file, function show()
to change the style/appearance of such dynamic variables, you may:
-> change it in templates
-> change it in code, if you need to change some appearance that is generated in code, you may need to edit code in classapp.php (such as listings, but this is some hard)

* I will try to guide you/teach you as much as I can
* May I ask you, as I understand, You had a job related to ehcp templates/redesign, is this correct ?


We are looking to use EHCP as a control panel for our customers, we are therefore creating a new template.

Thanks for the information relating to the variables.

Usually for editing templates or making them i use dreamweaver. I believe the variables are found in classapp.php file as stated above.