FTP Account

Okay heres the rundown, i have a panel user set as default ftp for all the domains under that user. I added a ftp user under the free space of a domain and set their home diretory to a specific folder. When i removed the user all files under that domain were deleted. is this b/c i set the user to the domain?

similar to that.
the idea is this: when the ftp user is deleted, its files also deleted.
in future versions, i plan to put a checkbox like : "delete files too" which will be checked by default.

currently, it deletes the home dir of ftpuser directly. (may be disabled in code, need little programming knowledge)

So should i just continue deleting them from the sql db? Is there a way to add a notice for my users, b/c that is a serious issue.

in fact it should not be thought as an issue, but it is a feature/behaviour, but with new features (such as add extra ftp user), it became some dangerous, users need to be notified.

you may do:
* go into code, add a warning in ftp user delete (classapp.php)
* or, wait me a bit, i will do that code change here, and send you a patch.

see you