subdomain problem

when i add a subdomain and want to open that subdomain it shows me not found 404 problem:

Not Found

The requested URL /var/www/vhosts/ was not found on this server.

why doesnt work?

normally, subdomains use directories like:


so, if you try to access
and you get that error, this means that your "add subdomain" did not succeed.

make sure that your ehcp daemon is running in your server.

i would like to say that when i add index.php at the end of subdomains for example it's work.

Sounds like it could be something in the apache config

what should i do? i didnt do anything at all

Can you post the url you are trying to reach? I can run a test with it in about an hour and see if its a setting or something
and its subdomains

Did you get this working?

Weird, looks like it works to me, have you tried installing your forums there?