Contribute to ehcp project

i & we need all kind of support, contribution.
either you are novice, user or experienced programmer, i need you.

Everybody can do something.

such as that follows from easy to hard:
1- test the ehcp hosting control panel, if you have a hosting server or personal server,
2- prepare language files, as of version 0.22.8, ehcp supports different languages(mostly), but only english/turkish files exists.
3-prepare documentation, howto's, tutorials telling about ehcp.

4- find some useful code snippets or useful scripts related to hosting automation,
5- do some html design, for ehcp interface, such as icons, template....
6- do some coding, code cleanup, or integrate some modules into ehcp,
7- do heavy coding, seriously object oriented,
8- integrate some modules or code segments into ehcp object skeleton,
9- find bugs and fix them, if possible,
10- and, most difficult, take care of your family... .

by the way, i am working on the new version, with a lot of new features...