MySQL in ehcp is off

When looking in the "server status" section in ehcp it says that the mySQL is not running - MySQL: NO (Start | Stop | Restart)

I have tried starting it through ehcp but it doesn't work:
Some Error Occured.
(runop) internal ehcp error: Undefined operation: dostartmysql
This feature may not be complete

I have noticed that while booting up the ubuntu server it does initialise mysql successfully and says OK, but then in ehcp it says it is down. I laso cannot login to phpmyadmin, either due to mysql being down or because at installation the phpmyadmin password did not want to get created and I had to "ignore" this error to continue ehcp installation.

What do I have to do? I have looked inside phpmyadmin and other conf files and found one file that had inside only one line that said: admin:*

Is that the username and password for phpmyadmin? If so when trying to login with that it does not work. I changed the * for my own password but it still doesn't login.

Please someone help...

Thank you.


ehcp server status may not show all processes correctly, because of some security settings in your server.
So, if you see "mysql not running" in your ehcp, it is mostly a false alarm.
additionally, restarting it through gui is not possible at the moment, it is lef t for future purposes.

for your phpmyadmin:
you should use your mysql user & pass to login to phpmyadmin.
if you cannot login, then, check your user&pass, then, check your phpmyadmin config.
consult phpmyadmin documentation for that.