need help configuring server to ofer my own dns with ehcp

Hi, first of all, to everybody that has contributed to make this script, i have to say that i'm really impresed.

Well i have installed echp in a VPS server.
I have 2 ips.
I also have added the records in my vpspanel like that : 600 NS 600 NS 600 A 91.XXX.212.XXX 600 A 91.XXX.211.XXX
And has its own servernames the first ns2.. etc...

Its almost done, but i don't really know alot about bind, and i'm very very new with echp.
In my echp panel, i also have configured the local ip, and the dns static ip as 91.XXX.212.XXX.

And i've followed few tutorials about configurind bind9 in debian lenny (my distro), but i can't get them to work.

Please help!

normally, you can use one dns server with your server, you may configure this in ehcp->options->dnsip

if you wish to make it more reliable and want to use two different dns ip's, then do this way:

open dnszonetemplate file in ehcp dir,
you will see like:
ns1.{domainname} IN A {dnsip}

replace these like:
ns1.{domainname} IN A 91.xx.211.x
ns2.{domainname} IN A 91.XX.212.X

then, for one time: go to ehcp->options->syncdns.

from now on, all your domains will have your 2 dns configured, you will not need to do anything manual.

see you,