mySql database not showing

I had to migrate my webiste to the new server.

EHCP installed nicely on Ubuntu 10.04, however after importing my database via phpmyadmin it DOES NOT show up within EHCP.

I tried creating a test DB inside EHCP and it worked.

My website works fine eventhought I can't see the DB within EHCP.

Any ideas?

do create the db first in ehcp and then import the db

ehcp keeps track of databases that are setup within ehcp.
if you setup a database in phpmyadmin, then, ehcp does not know anything about it.

if you did such db's, or if you have databases prior to your ehcp install,
there is a way to include these in ehcp, without re-setup of db or import:

open phpmyadmin, go to ehcp db, go to mysqldb table,
add your exiting db information there, filling fields accordingly, such as domainname associated with that domain.

the suggestion below, (done by Cool) is also a workaround, but it is done by re-setup of mysql db.