MySQL Problem

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This is the 3rd attempt of installing version 0.29.13, each time doing a new install of ubuntu 10.04 LTS with know extras like lamp or mail server just the standerd install.

the Mysql works but it seems not for the Ehcp, its runs the database which i added via the phpmyadmin (root longin), but dose not save new data added by users via any of my website's which use the database, also i get this same notic on the server status after each install that i did (Look at attached file).

Is their something worng with the mysql version that gets installed with Ehcp? I never had this problem with version 0.29.12.

hope you can help.

if mysql is not running, your ehcp would not run too.
so, I think mysql is running but somehow ehcp cannot see it is running.
this may happen because of some security programs in your server, such as apparmor. You need to identify that.

you say, "cannot save new data in websites", I dont know why this happens. please proivde more info about this.

i tested new version with fresh install of ubuntu 10.04, it was working as expected.

see you,

Look at the image i have just sent you on skype, do you think this maybe the problem?

no, i dont think it is the problem.
it is for configuration phpmyadmin, not mysql.
it is not important.