EHCP hard drive usage quota

I Dont know what to do, i dont want to uninstall ECHP then reinstall but do i have a choice? the two main problems i have are.....

1. My admin quota is too small, at the time when i installed EHCP i was using a smaller hard drive, but now i use a much bigger hard drive, so i tryed to add more quota space to the admin, but Ehcp say you cant edit yourself.
2. Also I made a user account on my server using ehcp, i set the webspace to have 100mb, i when wanted to change it to have 10GB space, but it only let's me have 2GB = (2147483647) know matter what amount i want to add.

thanks for any help you may have!!

some options (such as edit quota, edit yourself) does not exit/allowed in ehcp, there are alternate ways.

since you are admin, and you have mysql access,
use phpmyadmin
go to ehcp db,
panelusers table,
edit any user, any quota.

quota values are not bytes, rather MB (as I know), so, if you want to limit to 100MB, just put 100 there,
if you want to limit to 10G, then put 10.000 there, thats it.
keep in mind that, in ehcp, "turn off the domain because of over quota" is disabled by default. That means, you need to enable it in options. otherwise, your domains will be just warned, not turned off.

if there is other problem, let me know.

(quota system in ehcp is coded by deconectat, modified by ehcpdeveloper)

hhmmm thats strange then beacuse the, number are showen as Kb not Mb, and even the defult showing sizes like that, is their a setting in phpmyadmin which is making that happen?

there are 2 types of quota:
harddisk quota, which is in MB
network bandwidth quota, which is in KB/sec

which one do you mention, and where you see those kb ?

on the listpanelusers page, is were the quouta is as KB.

if you add me to (skype = budgierless) you can see for yourself, i will send you picture of it, also SSH details if needed.

I have installed the 0.29.13, and the changes made to qouta is better to understand, but now i can see the problem that i see their is that, what ever amount i put in, it will not give me a webspace qouta larger then 2GB.

I say again, there, numbers are per MB, so, to give quota of 2G, just put 2000, not (2147483647) or similar.
as you know, 2G is a bit greater than 2000MB, but, I raughly say here 2000.

let me know if this solved your current question.

And, thank you for your bug reports and suggestions, so that I fixed most of them in new version, prior to release.

My works will continue about quota and bandwidth in future versions of ehcp. currently, I deal a lot with usability, stability, bugs (currently no bugs in ehcp 0.29.13, which is updated yesterday).

I have got it working now, but only beacuse i reinstalled EHCP, version 0.29.12 is were it started and even tho i did an upgrade to version 0.29.13 it did not fix this, but a frash install seems to work. i hope this info helps.