sub domain problem

after i add subdomain when i want to test it. it reads the /var/www/index.html!
what is the problem?

does your ehcp daemon running ?
do you see any warning in ehcp gui ?

i dont know how to see dhcp daemon is running or not,
and i dont see any warning on ehcp gui.

check if you see a yellow warning message at near bottom of your ehcp gui.

ehcp gui-> options -> sync domains
on server console:
/etc/init.d/ehcp restart

did you follow (General Problem solving guide) ?

thanks for your reply, it is solved.

is it solved as described above, or someway else ?

No errors showing, but this problem is their.
i also checked but found none in Apache error log, or in GUi, the daemon is running fine, along with all my websites.

Note, when i try to add ore sub domains again, it started working, but all main domain websites stopped working, so i removed them and main domains site started working again,

This is a conflict of some kind.

I had a sub domain running, but when i added a new sub domain, the other domain stopped working, and keeps redirecting to main domain.

i already try, to sync dns and sync domains on options setting but still not working.