ehcp some problems - email conversation

Normally, "the things that occurs on your server, such as apache shut, ftp shut, ehcp gui unaccessible" does not occurs in normal operation, and there is no reason for this to happen; if your server is used in a normal way, just easy and normal way.

your apache may become unavailable in these situations: (these are possibilities)
* if you (or one of your users) use a wrong custom http in your server, ehcp, in that case, apache fails to start, you need to manually fix this situation,
* if you changed apachetemplate file with wrong apache config,
* somebody tried to setup a domain with strace characters or something like "my domain" , unfortunately, currently ehcp does not check for such wrong domains.
* any other unknown reason,

for ftp stop:
* you may have changed mysql ehcp user password, in that case, ftp daemon will be unable to connect to mysql, hence, you will not be able to connect to ftp.
* if you changed directory ownerships of /var/www/vhosts to something other than vsftpd, ftp related directories should have ownership of vsftpd. (this normally handled by ehcp daemon.)

for both case:
* make sure that ehcp daemon runs, and runs with enaugh privileges.
* sometime, apparmor/selinux causes problems with ehcp daemon, because ehcp daemon runs on background and does system operations, need root privileges.
* if you played too much with iptables, (for example blocked yourself or some daemons) or many configuration files, that may cause some problems.

Your server may be hacked/cracked if:
* your root/ssh/ftp pass is simple, your mysql db pass is simple/guessable, somebody may have login using ftp and may have deleted files, for this, check /var/log/xferlog
* if you disabled openbasedir restriction for some domains. in that case, an attacker may have got inside using that website.
* even with open_basedir enabled, some data inside a website may be affected, if you use buggy software (php etc, cms,) inside that website.
* maybe some other things.

For a normal server, a normal hosting operation, nothing special needed, just:
* install a fresh ubuntu,
* directly install ehcp,
nothing other special thing needed, no other action needed for a proper, basic operation; and you dont need to read lots of tutorials, videos and so on, just run of ehcp.. :)

if you try to do some fine tuning, security fine tuning, and some other things, you need to know what you do, and take all necessarry steps.
with clean ubuntu & ehcp, no known security hole exists as of now (ver 0.29.12 and up, now: 2010-03-19 Y-m-d)

Awww, you formatted your hard drive? :S ..... you should not format your hard drive in all problems.. try to solve your problems, do not give just give up and kill your hdd/data..
Anyway, I am sory that you lived such things..

(Ehcp General Problem Solving Guide:

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:38 AM, xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Ok.
> This is the thing.
> FTP server was online, Apache Server online , MySql running, courier
> running, quota running.
> Uptime was about 30 40 hours.I was at school, trying to upload and test some
> files on one of my vhosts when the ftp suddently shut down.I went on SSH,
> restarted ftp, shut down again.Restarted server, EHCP panel was
> unaccesible.i could only see tle left part of the interface.The menu, part,
> but the buttons were not usable .I could click the buttons but nothing
> changed in the main part of the browser.I then relogged into putty, ftp was
> still down, quota went crazy, the folder links for apache ( vhosts ) were
> all scrambled, ( not reachable )..practicly all that was working was mysql
> but i could not make any modifications, because i did not want to make any
> mistakes, apache..witch i needed to use the ehcp control panel .i stopped
> apache, and mysql, restarted the server and nothing was running.apache could
> not start, mysql was running ( the only one ) ... quota was offline, and
> almost every folder ( created with vhost domains ) was empty or filled with
> scrap data.... i checked this email and i saw that u created and deleted a
> vhost bvidinli.... bla blah and a few emails also sent to you're email
> adress and that's all ...i had to shut it down... the thing is i worked over
> a month to make it was a hell of a ubuntu configuration, because it
> was hard for me to learn ubuntu.i googled alot of tutorials, i watched alot
> of youtube vids, searched for apropiate software, made rules for iptables,
> etc... :( plus my xxxxxxx projects...i formated the drive and now i have to
> start all over.. i dunno if i can remake everything, ftp etc..
> :(
> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 10:02 PM, wrote:
>> r u jogging ?
>> I do not have backdoor access to your server,
>> I only get some usage data, some logs, to let me solve some common
>> errors, common faults of ehcp.
>> these emails are not secret, and are noticed at start of ehcp. You can
>> see similar threads in,
>> We may continue to discuss in this issue, also know that, you can
>> easily disable these emails,
>> Lets come to your problem,
>> please explain your problem, step by step,
>> did you lost your data?
>> you lost what ?
>> ehcp normally does not delete any data,
>> it only prepares a new ehcp db, by renaming old one to a new backup name.
>> see you,
>> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 7:57 PM, xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> > I can recive.
>> > The no reply name was meant for the server i can check it, because
>> > it's faster than to log on to the ehcp Control Panel and view
>> > modifications
>> > , or check the MySql or bla bla bla..
>> > Still, what happend? Why do you have backdoor access to my
>> >
>> >
>> > On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:11 PM, wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Can you receive this email, or is this noreply ?
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:54 AM, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >> wrote:
>> >> > Hey.
>> >> >
>> >> > I just checked this no replay mail account i've created for my
>> >> > personal
>> >> > server and saw that u test created a domain on my server , and also
>> >> > the
>> >> > script sends you also mail status messages with what happens to my
>> >> > server.After that , my ehcp control panel , and with it my whos
>> >> > server
>> >> > srashed down .I had to reinstall everything .My whole work for a
>> >> > whole
>> >> > month
>> >> > whent to scratch, all my school projects and all my classmates are
>> >> > now
>> >> > junk-data on my hard drives.The server is personal and for school
>> >> > projects
>> >> > so what the hell happend?
>> >> >
>> >> > Please tell me....?
>> >> >
>> >> > Thnx, in advance,
>> >> >
>> >
>> >