Can EHCP be setup as nameserver

Router = Static IP
EHCP = ( internal IP )
2 x Static IP's points to Internal IP

Is it possible to setup EHCP as Nameserver ?

When I register new domain they need :

All nameservers should be operational before submitting this
application. There is a limit of five nameservers for the zone.
'FQDN' is the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the host.


6a. Primary server FQDN:
6b. Primary server IPv4 glue:

6e. Secondary server FQDN:
6f. Secondary server IPv4 glue:

I think the router can only forward dns port to only one IP.
So, it is possible, but i think you can't have 2 nameservers behind the router. Only one.


1. Yes, ehcp contains already a nameserver, dns, bind(named). And, ehcp manages nameserver automatically; that is, when you setup/add a domain in ehcp, all dns entires are built automatically.

2. to have two different nameservers, with two different real ips, you need two external real ip; if you have single router, with single outside real ip, you cannot have two nameservers.

Some registrars do allow 2 nameservers with same ip, where some do not.

so if i add a domain called in EHCP, i will have a namesever called setup made from bind automatically?

yes, exactly.
you should choose one of your domains as your "dns server, or nameserver"
and use that as "dns in registrars" in all of your domains.

this is described in

ok, that sounds good, but i want to be very careful because i remember once i clicked the sync dns button by mistake and my EHCP stopped working, so i had to start a new ubuntu install all over again, because i did not know of a way to fix the problem, so can you tell me step by step how to set one of my hosted domains, as the master/default nameserver?

what dose the button called: Set as my default domain. what dose it do? what i mean is how dose that effect or change my control panel?

when you login to your panel, "home" is displayed.
home contains links like "add domain, add ftp, list domain, list ftp , so on.."

if you frequently use a domain, then, choose that domain, then click on "set as my default domain" , after that,
each time you login to panel, that domain is automatically selected and "domain operations page" is dispalyed, where you can do that domain specific things, such as add email, add subdomain etc.

when your "default dom" is set, you need to click on "deselect/home" to go "default home page"

dose this also mean that i now have:

as a main dns?

dns issues are described in
in more detail.