dns bind views for internal networks

If your server is in your internal network, and it serves to someone that is inside your internal network, then, your users may not reach domains in that server, unless you do something special.

Up to now, I described hosts file technique to overcome this problem.

Now, I introduce a new approach.

dns view statement has some powerful features, whis is able to respond differently, according to asking ip. so, we can use this feature to show people that are inside your network (same network as your server).

dns view statement is like:

view view_name
[class] {
match-clients { address_match_list };
match-destinations { address_match_list };
match-recursive-only yes_or_no ;
[ view_option; ...]
[ zone_statement; ...]

for this to work, we need to modify named.conf. Also, we need to modify ehcp classapp.php so that, it produces a new named_ehcp_internal.conf file with internal ip addresses. I will do this and post here results.

This article was an idea to resolve problem described in http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cat.php?cid=1&qid=65