a chat about ehcp

Guest chat
Guest has joined.

me: ?

Guest: hello you left before i could say im making a control panel for ehcp would you like to see it when its done?

me: sure
a control panel for ehcp ?
what do you mean ?

Guest: template

me: aha, ok.

Guest: can i also ask how do you make money if ehcp is free?

i have a regular software development job.
I dont need money much, yet.
ehcp is only for fun, now...

Guest: oh ok what software do you do?

me: linux system softwares

Guest: must be clever then

me: not sure

Guest: ehcp is an exalant cp

2.5 years ago,
i searched for a free opensource panel
and I found none.
then, I decided to develop one.
currently, it is most easily installable one..
most opensource, free, full php.

Guest: i would say you are top of the list

me: thanks, post your this opinion on some sites..
I dont think to make it non-free, unless i need it a new job/money..

Guest: i will be and i wil donate to on my next payday

me: even if I do it non-free in future, I plan to price it for a little/comic value, such as 1$/year or similar.

Guest: lol
its werth more unless you are loaded

me: and free version will be forever, I hope

Guest: worth

me: I think, software should be very cheap
today, when you buy a notebook,
sometime, notebook hardware is 400$, software is 200$
that is too expensive

Guest: most cp i found were a rip off

me: what is your email ?

Guest: jonnxxxxx@gmail.com

me: invited you,
me, bvidinli in gmail

Guest: ok

me: please post your comments/suggestions for ehcp, on site,
i can do almost anything with panel, as long as that is well defined.
ehcp's php code is very little, clean and understandable..
in near future, i will include, spam protection, and dyndns.

Guest: ok i have a few 1click scripts and stuff but i will make template first

me: what is your job ?
hmm. ok.

Guest: i used to do game servers
i own slotbox-gaming.co.uk

me: continue to game server job ?

Guest: but when i left school i did building
i lost intrest in it but im going to incorparate it into my new site
and start it again

me: ok, i need to go now, lets talk later, . nice to meet you,

Guest: most users wanted a game cp but £15 month was a rip off because i was so checp didnt make much
thankyou for all your help and time
have a good night