Warning: Missing argument 2 for getFirstPart()

Warning: Missing argument 2 for getFirstPart(), called in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/classapp.php on line 3638 and defined in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/classapp.php on line 156

I have started getting the above error since the last ubuntu server 9.10 update. This error comes up when I add an email account.

I dont get any other errors when starting ehcp and nothing shows up when I send an email.

Since getting the error external email has stopped working. Tried googling it but couldnt find anyone with the same or similar issue.

Not sure what has changed as it's been fine for months :-/ Any help would be appreciated.

thank you for reporting that,
I also noticed that since last release,

it is a harmless error. I fixed it now, and will release with next version.
as I saw, it has no effect on functionality of ehcp.
just continue to use it with it.

(Why no effect?: that code ensures an emailuser the first part of user@domain; the variable is already "user"; so, no effect..
Why I put this useless(having no effect) code?: :) This is a programming style, sometime, I try to do things by ensuring; I try to tolerate programming mistakes.. a long discussion..