Problem with DNS

I have a normal DSL account with no Static IP.
To point to my machine I use and

EHCP is setup on Ubuntu where the IP =

Routers IP =

dnsip = this is my outside DNS

Now I have registered a domain at and pointed to
the and

Everytime I wanne go to it shows me now
that it cannot connect to the above dnsip.

The domain is pointing to my router but it gets the wrong information from EHCP.

Do I need a Static IP to run EHCP at home ?

static ip with ehcp is not a must, but, it is recomended.

because, with dyndns or noip, you cannot do a real hosting service, i think

make sure:
you redirected necessary ports from your router to your server.

can you access your server internally by http://internalip ?

can you access your server, from outside: http://youroutsideip

these are initial steps.
if all ok, test dns from outside..
howto/helper at is a good starting point.

All ports are open on Router.
The domain is registered and shows to and

Local ip of server
dnsip (outside/real/static ip of server)

Router IP :

Real external IP :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

When I wanne see the domain it wants to connect to, and this is my outside DNS

Have already 5 domains on EHCP and it's working fine, for this 5 domains are hosted by another company, I only changed the cname's so that it should point to and it's working fine.


Derick Nieuwoudt

I have changed dnsip in EHCP to my real Static IP and it's working fine.

But this is not a solution for the problem.

Everytime my router reboots I need to change this dnsip in EHCP.

Any suggestions ?


Derick Nieuwoudt

yes, that is the real problem.
in this case, we need a patch to ehcp, that updates dns ip each time you re-connect/update your external ip.

what is tool that is provided with dyndns or ? (I dont know them much)
if there is a tool that say us current real/external ip, or ip that is registered in dyndns, then, i may write a small patch for ehcp, that updates that when needed..

that would be a permanent solution, isn't it ?



After I change this dnsip do I need to
do a
Sync Dns
Sync Domains

What I'm trying to do is make small Windows appz, when IP change to connect to ehcp/misc Sql and post the new IP there.

You think this will work ?

I'm sorry for all the questions


Derick Nieuwoudt

dyndns you put the settings into you router.
and no-ip you download small windows program


Derick Nieuwoudt

i found a way for dyndns, i will patch ehcp soon, and send you new files. just wait a bit.

Thank you very much.......


Derick Nieuwoudt

no problem for questions,

I will try to help as much as I can, this site is for helping..

your procedure above is correct, (sync domains is not needed i think)

if you do a win app, that connect to ehcp and does it, that may solve your case,
but, I think to build a new patch for ehcp, that solves dynamic dns issues completely..

so, if you find a way to learn current dynamic ip of your router/dyndns, let me know.
i will also analyze this case.