I would like to edit the apachetemplate file in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp.
Currently "php_admin_value open_basedir {homedir}" is my stumbling block.
Where in the code or db's is {homedir} defined?
Could a {userdir} be difined to lock in the path /var/www/vhosts/{userdir}

Actually I would like to add the following directory for each panel user and have access to it from the httpdocs directory


then, you need to do a little coding:
in similar way,
open classapp.php,
go to function syncDomains,
just after
passthru2("mkdir -p ".$dom['homedir']."/httpdocs");

put following:
passthru2("mkdir -p ".$dom['homedir']."/store");

you can do anything specific/you want there,
that php code is run each time your system synchronizes the domains.

dont forget to restart ehcp:
/etc/init.d/ehcp restart

after restarting, if you do ehcp gui->options->sync domains
all domains will have store directory in user's home directories.

note that, if you want those directoried accessible from web,
you need to setup directory as /httpdocs/store , otherwise,
directory will be available by ftp, but not web.
because, web sees httpdocs folder as root folder.

(These info for programmers, developers, ehcp users may not understand these)

{homedir} is defined and replaced with real home directory of domain,
in classsapp.php, function syncDomains,
look at lines about:

that function, gets fields of domains from db, then put { and } around them, then, load template, replace {homedir} for ex, with the data in db,

that way, template is converted to a real apache config.
to use {userdir} you need to define that field in db or like the code in function syncDomains:

that aliases is calculated/built in code, then, put in domains array, then used in template again
you need to decide what to do with that variable,