Back up's and restoring?

I can't figure out how to do a restore from another ehcp install into the new one, its something that's been hitting me lately, I dont get it. Is there a manual way to restore the sites?, can some one outline it for me. please. I've been trying for a few days.

Thank you
-Geremy V

normally, on a local system,
after backup,

  • you click on restore, enter restore filename, (the file is located in /var/backup, from a previous backup)
  • then, the daemon restores all files, mysql, etc..
    at last, puts a "after restore" sign in "completed operations" in home,system section.
  • you may also see the state of backup/restore by clicking "here to list backups and see status " in backup/restore screen. you may need to hit refresh button to see progress of restore.. (for developers: These screens need to be redesigned inside ehcp)

    That was normal restore,
    to do restore from another machine, you need to manualy copy file from old machine to new one, into /var/backup directory
    after that, you do a normal restore..

    anyway, restoring whole server may be long/errorful sometime..if you have many files/db's

  • thanks that worked!! Great work btw