very nice,
i saw that today, in http://digitalfear.deviantart.com/art/EHCP-Login-142079158

can you send html files for that ?

I am currently finding the most efficient way to slice it up; it is currently just a PSD file. I will send you the files ASAP :)

second one seems nice,
i think we need something with levels,
for example,
level 1: most simple, maybe 2 or 3 images/functions
level 2: other operations..
level 3: advanced operations

for ex for home:
level 1: quick add domain, list domains (thats all)
level 2: quick add, normal add, ftp add, .....etc..
level 3: options/other advanced operations

what is your idea ?

The first shows the login panel build on the website offering hosting services. The second picture was related only to the color of your website. Too many changes are not there only changes graphics design. I have to make some changes but not enough time. Probably at some time will bring something new and I'll know. The functionality of the panel is one thing but people like nice items so mainly devote attention to visual form. Sorry for my english;)