unable to accesss control panel

i tried reinalling a second time from the control panel and not can not access it

all i get is undercostruction message

is there a way to restart with out being on site i have ssh access to it.

if you try to access your domain, you may get an "under construction" page,

Instead, try to access your panel with your ip like:

i have and nothing i think i messed up the whole install
same message under construction.

try http://ip/vhosts/ehcp
if that dont work, a reinstall may solve, if it is possible..

if not, send your server and login info to info@ehcp.net, i will try to fix.

do i need to reinstall ubuntu or just ehcp?

try first: ehcp reinstall,
if that messes: full reinstall with ubuntu

I tried removing ehcp per your instructions via ubuntu forums and reinstalling no luck any other ideas?

check in order:

  • "tail -f /var/log/syslog" in your console,
  • "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart" in another console, watch 1st console,
  • note the error displayed on 1st console,
  • maybe you may have a wrong apache config that prevents the apache from starting..
  • try this also: open /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, remove all ehcp related lines in bottom.. try apache2 restart, look at syslog, what you see ?
  • i am doing a fresh install of server and ehcp we will se how it goes.

    i can access everythinh again system is running fine.

    nice to hear that,
    let me know when you need help...

    for debugging your system: http://ehcp.net/?q=node/771