New features of 0.29.11, since 0.27

download it from

new features since 0.27:

* add domain to my ftp,
* add ftp with any directory under home,
* add ftp with subdomain,
* add ftp with subdirectory under domainname,
* list related/similar functions in ehcp
* edit dns/apache template for a domain
* domain aliases,
* email forwardings,
* catch all email,
* default domain settable for ehcp gui
* "fix apache configuration" link in options
* "fix email (postfix) configuration" link in options
* apache ssl support
* new default theme: xp5-z7
* more "easy install scripts", a total of 30 scripts,
* disk quota support
* smtp auth support
* more options for ehcp,
* bulk add domain feature
* multi server intro: separate mysql server support,
* improved installer,
* supports Ubuntu 6-9.10, debian 4,5


i installed it yesterday and have not tried all new functions.

i just found a small typo at serverstatus-page
where you have for Bind: the same start,stop,restart links
as for vsftpd.

install was just fine on debian lenny

thanks for reporting those,
your feedbacks are very valuable for me..
i am fixing and releasing almost any bug/error on 0.29.11
i found a few too..
please also test ssl feature, if it works without problem..etc..
options->apache ssl fix