I found that net2ftp could not upload file and it says:
File is too big. This file will not be uploaded.
by the way The maximum size of one file is restricted by net2ftp to 4882812.5 kB and by PHP to 200M
and second problem is net2ftp couldnt unzip the file.

thanks for your help

for php, 200M is set in php.ini, and I think, is enaugh,
for net2ftp, there should be a config of net2ftp to increase that..

to unzip files, probably you need to chmod a+w a directory of net2ftp..
please read readme of net2ftp, and if you find it, write it here..

I will check it when I have time.

The php default upload limit is only 2Mb. Try uploading via the Java option in Net2FTP. You can also use an ftp client, such as FileZilla.