How to configure ehcp to use outside mail servers?

Is it possible to use for example gmail apps for mail instead of local ehcp mail server?
some clients has google apps for mail and my ehcp server to host webpage. if mail sent from php webform - postfix looking at virtual table and cannot find username or email address, because mail server is different, so mail goes back to www-data@[hosting-domain].com, which is also on google apps mail server! How to configure postfix to check dns instead of virtual table? or both?

  • i have no experience with google apps,
  • I think gmail apps are completely separate appliactions, and when setup via dns, works out of box..
  • But, i think, your problem is, as I understand: you cannot send email from php forms which are hosted on your server; most probably, server thinks mail server is itself, while username is not found.. To fix this:
  • in ehcp, click on/choose your domain, go to "edit dns template", change in mx record to that of gmail mx records...
  • that way, the server will not think that it is mail server of that domain..