need some change in ehcp


i think you all which installed ehcp need change something in your ehcp dir at /var/www/vhosts/ehcp
for example you can easily access apachehcp.conf at:
i think it is better to have .htaccesss to prevent such file during the installation. i see that it is not such problem at server ;)
please put your .htaccess so we can use it

here is .htaccess:

Allow from all
<Files ~ "\.(conf|cert|cnf|key|py|sh|sql|txt)$">
Deny from all
<Files ~ "^(config\.php|^install.*\.php|apache_subdomain_template|authmysqlrc|dnszonetemplate|cronbackup\.php)$|^apachetemplate">
Deny from all

This file is already included with newer versions of ehcp, 0.29.09, 0.29.10 and later.. (I dont remember it started on which one.. )

so, new people are already protected about some sensitive data..
new versions are being tested and available for download at:


now if i download the lastest version and install it, everything will be clear right?
how to upgrade the 0.29.9 my current version to 0.29.10 the latest version as i told the backup doesnt work in 0.29.09 and just backup files not dbs.

  • yes, I think, everything will be ok... if not, that means we found another bug..
  • for upgrade follow:
  • i will check the backup feature, did not do yet...
  • if your .htaccess does not work, then do: * does your default apache config has (AccessFileName .htaccess) ? * is .htaccess readable by apache user, or www-data, * most probably, an apache config is broken, consult an apache documentation, or * just reinstall things..
  • i copied .htaccess in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp with the content:
    Allow from all

    Deny from all

    Deny from all

    but it doesnt work i still can see apachehcp.conf