Wild Card Domains? Safe Not Safe? And How?


Im using Wordpress MU and would like to use the Domain Mapping feature so i can map a domain eg: site.com to the vhost of the domain with wordpress mu installed.

how would i make it so if theres unknown domains pointing to my server it will go directly to the vhost of where wordpress mu is installed??

Can anyone help?


I am not sure about security, i did not understand fully your question or your case, now...
But, you can redirect/map your domain to another with 2 ways:

  • on right bottom, redirect to enother domain..
  • domain aliases... write there, and your domain is accessibel at that domain..
  • Hi,

    I cannot find the Redirect to another domain link????

    Im using ehcp 0.29.09.

    and the domain its going to link to needs to know the domain its being redirect from to eg:

    Domain1.com should be redirected to Domain2.com but Domain2.com needs to know that Domain1.com is pointing to Domain1.com so it can handle for each domain request.


    in ehcp, choose your domain,
    on bottom right, in domain settings..
    above delete domain..