Ftp Problem

So I wanted to re-design my site, and I did in dreamweaver. I try to access my new site, but all it brings me to is my older site. I tried many things over and over again, and it just did not work. I deleted the domain hosting for the account, and what do you know, it's the same as the old site. Please hep

  • r u sure that your upload your files to your correct server ?
    for example, use ip address to connect to your server,
  • Some internet service providers may put caching proxies between you and internet. in this case, it is normal that you see th old site.
  • a lower possiblity: you may hav some kind of local cache that prevents you from accessing internet directly. Or, you probably did clear your browser cache..
  • Problem solved, I use a proxy server to connect to my server, and the on I was using, unless you enter a different address, just loads the site again from a cookie.

    I use EHCP =)