Re: Proposed Logo and Interface ReDesign

You said you wanted something that represents the easiness of Ehcp, so I made something that I don't know if you like but in my opinion it's quite creative. If this doesn't fit, me and Noir will take some requests.

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this was something i was looking,
this is also similar:

ehcp/hosting should be as easy as turning on light... :)

we need to think of something silly easy, because for an open source cp, it is silly easy to setup. Turning on a light is a good idea, but maybe "It is as easy as turning on a light" should be a motto. If you want me to make a lightswitch logo, should I include the a motto in the picture, or else people might think ehcp was bought out by an electrical company. If we use a switch, we should make a motto saying something like "When did hosting ever become as easy as turning on lights?" Suggestions?

I use EHCP =)