custom Http - bug?

I successfully installed ehcp on an amazon ec2 server. It is working well so far but I ran into a problem that i now solved and I believe it may be a bug in ehcp.

After installation I was able to add a virtual domain and successfully navigate to it after updating my name servers to my ec2 instance. I then was playing around and added to the custom http section in the new vistual host via ehcp:


After I added this and added a new virtual host, the new virtual host navigated to the wrong location (the "This is an ehcp server" main page). The only virtual host working was the first one and I could not explain it.

I then did an apache restart and saw that the apachehcp.conf file had the acutal above in it. I then deleted the custom http in the apachehcp.conf file and all the other virtual hosts then worked.

Is custom ehcp working correctly for other people? Is this a bug?

the http should read:

the "test" http above was suppose to ahve http tags around it but the forum filters it out.

You tried to write:


To write those, i write <code> code between </code>
on all codes, replace < with &lt;

Lets come to your question:
I think you mis understood something:
Custom http means custom apache configs, not "html pages " or something like that..
You should put there valid apache config directives..

for example, you may put there something like:
CustomLog /var/log/apache_common_access_log vhost_combined
or anything in apachetemplate file..

Thats why your apache config broken and all your vhosts lost, so you see default page...i, this is not a bug i think... Let me know if this explains...