MySQL Problems

i am trying to use WP-DBmanager and it needs the

MYSQL Dump Path
and the

could you tell me the the absolute path to both of the above?


you can find as below:

# which mysql
# which mysqldump

but, note that, since open_basedir restriction in effect by default in ehcp, you may not be able to access it directly,
in this case, you need to enable that using "edit apache template".

how do i get to "edit apache template"

choose your domain in ehcp gui,

under domain operations, bottom of it, 2nd line from bottom,
"Edit apache template for this domain"

what do i edit now?

remove following:
php_admin_value open_basedir {homedir}

then save.
this way, your domain will not have open_basedir restriction.
But know that, I normally do not suggest this way, because this is something with security weakness....
your site/server will be a bit open to attacks..

I mean, you should not disable open_basedir restriction....
you should find some other solution with the script/program that you wish to use on your site..