I have read

Hey bvidinli,
I have read through the code ehcp 0.29.09, and found several strings like this
http://www.iyibirisi.com/diger/msg.php?msg=ip: $ ip, $ str & name = $ user_name & email = $ user_email & ip = $ ip \
I could not understand why every time I corrected or added a new domain the server connected to ip and exchanged info. I am not comfortable with your software yet, so it was removed. I thought you should clean the code for this strings. There must be another way to gathering information about defects in the software, like beta testers. I think you get something right, otherwise good job!

I said before, and say again, those can be disabled easily..
sory for that, I had to put those as of now, maybe in future, I will remove them..

But let me ask you a few question:
Do you know what info is sent to centers of other closed-source software ? such as plesk, cpanel or even microsoft windows ?
Do you detect them, or try to detect, and ask them like "what is this ?"
Did you hear something like "feedback"

And, another interesting test for you:
* setup a domain on your server, or use an existing one
* tail -f the_access_log for that domain
* open firefox,
* then navigate to that domain in firefox,
* do you see another person/bot on web access logs ? what do you think ? I say you, that is google...
interesting ?
google does not track only domains that you setup on your server, also EVERY URL that you enter on firefox address bar...
Did you test ?

Hey ehcpdeveloper,

Happy New Year, it is long since I had been online lately, and has not replied to your last question, but going by the way, I give you the right to gather much information from the software, including those you mentioned.

But back to EHCP, I have followed developments, and can see the progress.
But I miss a spam system, what to implement ASSP in EHCP, I've used it for 3 years, after about 1 month, no more spam through, it will stop spam more effectively than spamassassin, I will think of a few lines of code that can be used with EHCP. I can not code, but can help with testing and ideas.

If you are interested, I would like to do a test on it, set up in a closed server, and give you feedback faster than the last.

ehcp is ready to be spent on poduktions server?


lets start from end,
yes, ehcp is being used by many production servers. (as I count by those feedbacks, more than 1000 prod.servers.)
some servers that use ehcp hosts hundreds of domains.

thank you for notifying again; I am aware that the biggest hole in ehcp is a spam protection. Now, i am very close to integrate a spam solution to ehcp. Before, i had some difficulty in integrating spamassassion or something else into ehcp, because of many manual things needed for integration. Recently, i almost managed to handle those manual things, so, my next target is to include a spam protection system in ehcp.

Addition: I am in no hurry, intentionally, for including a anti-spam solution in ehcp. Because, many people (server admin/hosting admin) are already confused about mail subjects. And, spam settings may get them more and more confused. so, we need to do it in a clever way, in such a way that nobody get affected.

I will try your suggestion for spam, assp. if that does not succeed, i will try spamassassin; whichever I can.
I will teat assp and inform you.

thanks, see you,

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