Changing Gonder

I am trying to change the 3 words in adding email user in your ehcp, the 3 word mailusername, password, Quota (Mb) and Summit/Gonder but I can't find which file to edit. I trying to translate it to my language. Can u help me.

Quota (Mb)


sory for that,

in ehcp, some texts are in templates/en/ folder, some texts are in language folder..
and some in php code, classapp.php. This should not be this complex, but there still exist some text in php code...

You need to edit classapp.php, open it, find function addEmailUser(), change it there.
change those text in line starting with $this->output.= ....

in future, I think to port all text like this to language folder...

Note that, if you update your ehcp, you need to edit your new copy too.. function names will not change, mostly.