Problems with email and subdomains


I've installed ehcp, but not after a clean install. I had installed previous software Apache, MySQL, PHP. When I installed ehcp the control panel was working fine. I was abe to add a domain and the ftp account was working correctly, but when I created email account and tried to access from webmail I got the following error: ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

I guess that maybe because of my previous attemps to install a mail server. Is there a way to fix that - for example delete the mail server packages and install them again?

Another issue is that when I try to add a subdomain nothing happens. The domain is added (or at least it shows in the control panel) but it cannot be accessed (i waited for an hour and tryed to access it again but with no result). So what could be the reason for that?

I use version 0.29.09. and Ubuntu Server 9.04 64 bits

for email problem, follow , same problem,

for subdomain:
are you sure that ehcp daemon working ?
to check if working do:
* do you see a warning in ehcp gui, click on warnings.. see what is it..
* alternatively, on console type:

ps aux | grep php

you should see something like this:

root@yenisunucu:~# ps aux | grep php
root 5210 0.0 1.8 58980 35412 ? S Jul27 0:43 php index.php daemon
root 26973 0.0 0.0 3224 824 pts/3 S+ 20:57 0:00 grep php

I created a subdomain for a friend and then created an email account for him and every since he tried to login to his email account he cannot get back into his site. The problem is only on his pc and can get to it from other computers. Does anyone have any suggestions? i created subdomain for php web hosting services along with the free host services which are quite reliable and easy to use now people are going to use email domain hosting services for office and home use.

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