Post Installation Instructions

I got EHCP installed without any problems - it's not called easy for nothing !!
But I am stuck with what to do next. Is there a guide on what to do after installation?
I have managed (with the use of this forum), to get my website running, but the email and dns parts are confusing me.
Thanks in advance.

You say, "it's not called easy for nothing"
As I understand, you did not find it easy at all, let me know if I mis-understood..

I want to ask you one thing: Did you try any other free opensource hosting control panel ?
Please post your opinion about being or not being easy after you test other panels.

Being easy is really very relative, it depends on what you expect and what you can do.
I would happy if you can explain what you expected, and what you found, which points may be easier/better,
which points of installation/usage may be in another/easy/good way..
I appreciate your suggestions..
Even if you are a beginner (if you are), I appreciate your ideas because many good ideas come from inexperienced users..

lets come to your question:
* you dont need to wory about dns parts, ehcp automatically handles them, as far as you redirected your domain to your server from registrar,
* email works like this: you setup your email in your panel, then use any email client or webmail to use your email.
this way: login to ehcp gui, setup/choose your domain, click on add email, enter username and pass.. thats it..

Unfortunately I say that: there is not yet a good written tutorial on usage of ehcp after installation. there is some for installation.. see articles at

see you

You missunderstand me.
I meant the installation WAS easy, much easier than ISPConfig which I have used in the past.
I had Ubuntu and EHCP installed in under 2 hours, rather than 2 weeks like the other.

But, where I think EHCP is let down is after the install has finished.
If this is your first time or you only play with this stuff every couple of years, then knowing what to do next is confusing.
A guide would be a great idea, to give us mortals an idea what to do next, it's alright for the experts - they already know what to do, but surely EHCP is not aimed at them specificaly.

Anyway, back to my problem.
To explain what I have got -
I currently have a server running at home with my website and email on it. What I am doing now is building a new server to replace it (but it will be (is) at a different IP), so what I want to do is get the new one ready then swap my dns to point to the new IP.
I have set the new one up with the same internal IP as the current server, so what I did was take it home and swapped the lan cable from old to new and was then able to see my website (via proxy), but the email didn't work.
I am investigating:-)

Sorry again for the misunderstanding.
P.S. don't know if you realised, but I am the guy you were helping with the Xbox. (shelved it, got a normal computer)

I've been doing some more reading.
If I understand correctly, EHCP can handle dns for me.
I ask this because this morning I got my renewal notice from my dns provider, which got me wondering if I should renew it or let EHCP handle it for me.

sory for my misunderstanding too...
I agree that ehcp targets on non-professionals too.. In fact, I am not also a professional..
The start point of ehcp is also, those control panels that needs professsional investigation..

about renewal:
ehcp handle dns stuff, BUT: it cannot handle domain buying, renewal, cancellation, dns redirection that you should do from within your domain seller.

So, you should renew your domain yourself.
ehcp handles only dns records AFTER you buy and redirect your domain to your server.

did your old(first) server had ehcp too ?
what is important in ip / email things:

  • Dont forget to set your external ip as dnsip in options section of ehcp gui
  • if you change that ip somehow, click on "fix mail configuration" in options
  • newer version that I gave link below, does ip change more good (some extra checks), so you should try that
  • email is perhaps the most difficult part of a hosting service, so you may need to investigate logs, syslog and so on.. after doing above, if doesnt work again, send me syslog's while trying to connect to email, or send email
  • email: sending to hotmail or other microsoft domains requires some additional tasks, so I just ignore it, microsoft is messing up everything
  • I suggest you and everyone to try the step-by-step guide at (not complete yet) You may see that as a tutorial..
  • anyone can contribute to documentation, using wiki, after registering in wiki
  • btw:
    i was not realised that you are xbox man, nice to see you again.
    In upcoming new version (you may test from
    there is one more option while install, to reduce some of installed (non-necessary) components.
    So, new one will have a more adaptable nature.

    After a short delay (family stuff) I finally got back to this.
    It turns out ehcp was configured properly, it was my dns company that had the problem. After they sorted it out all works correctly!!

    Thank you once again for your help and your fabulous program.