Change email quote

Thansk for ehcp, its very nice.
I have v 0.29 but, i have a problem, i need change email quote, i am create account with 200mb, and i need change this quote at 1000mb. I need help..


Unfortunately, ehcp does not have a gui to change email quotas.

To change quota, you have two ways to do:
1- delete email, and re-setup it.
2- go to phpmyadmin, emailusers table , edit quota as you wish.

let me know, if this helped.

solved with step 2

The quota have a big problem. It is not functioning. All emails have infinite quotas. This is a big problem becouse some of my resellers have made some emails and not use them. Those emails will eat my all server space one day. So, if the quota doesnt work, al least where can i check how space use every email? Can i see that somewhere in server folders?

check /home/vmail/ folder
there is domain folders and users under it.

email quotas may not function on some systems.
i will try to do a permanent fix for email quota.

I use Filezilla to access my server. I can enter in any folder, but when i try to enter in mail folders, filezilla give this error:
Directory /home/vmail/ permission denied

you cannot do it with filezilla/ftp
you can do with filezilla/sftp
or ssh access.

Yes, I use sftp, and i can go everywhere on that server, but not in email folders. :(

then try ssh/console access. like putty or gnome console.

I tryed with putty and it works to see folder size with sudo du -hs dir
I cannot enter in those folders to see exactly what email is the problematic one, but at least i can see what is the domain with big emails...