dynamic address and fqdn behind router

I have a fqdn of kc8tdw.com, however this is one a dynamic i.p address. I have a program that updates freedns.afraid.org. I have the warning of "Warning : Your dns/server ip seems your local/private ip. in order your server be accessible from outside, you should set it to your outside/real ip (your modem/router's ip)", with a dynamic i.p. address, I can't do this.

Also, I would like to type in my web browser kc8tdw.com and get to my site, with out getting the default page in /var/www/.

Can you please help?



Doing hosting with a dynamic ip is not recommended normally.

However, if you still want to do it:

1- I suggest to you to use an external dns service, maybe freedns.afraid.org does this job, i am not sure.
2- if you want to use ehcp as a dynamic dns server, you cannot do directly, you need to hack into ehcp, we need to discuss about this, not easy,
3- to disable that warning, look at link below

For other topics about dynamic ip, you need to search on this site, or look at http://www.ehcp.net/?q=node/576

See you