conversation about ehcp, Q & A

ehcp user: Hello Mr. Bvidinli
ehcp support:.
ehcp user: Actually I am trying to install ur control panel ...
ehcp support:?
ehcp user: But I am unable to get past Please wait...
when I am giving ./
ehcp support:on which platform/os do you install ?
ehcp user: Its just showing "please wait:
ehcp support:does it have internet connection ?
ehcp user: Ubuntu 8.10 server ed.
ya obviously
ehcp support:1min
ehcp user: ooo

ehcp support:can you send me full output..

ehcp user: finally got to step 1

ehcp support:
it updates ubuntu repositories
so, it may take some time if your internet connection slow.

ehcp user: stuck to "Plz wait" for 15 mins...

ehcp support::S
i will check now installer...
this may be a bug.
to fix it completely on ehcp,
can I get into
your server
and investigate ?

ehcp user: wait man...
It is now installing
let me finish it.

ehcp support: ok.

ehcp user: Then surely I will allow u to get into it.

ehcp user: again stuck in stage 2 : "Now running install_1.php"

ehcp support:you have obviously something wrong.
it is a 1-3 second start...
total installation usually takes 10-20min long approx.
can I get into your server ?

ehcp support:to check status/error cause

ehcp user: if u r so eager ...

ehcp support:i want to investigate cause...
and solve your case.

ehcp user: but at this moment it is installing
at least let it be finish

ehcp support:ok.
i am waiting

ehcp user: now it is dwld-ing the sql server
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ehcp support:it is ok now.. normal speed is this... how about your internet conection speed ?

ehcp user: 2 Mbps

ehcp support:nice and enaugh
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ehcp user: just got one suggestion/ bug report : While asking for my current MYSQL ROOT PASSOWORD . The password is not MASKED
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ehcp user: R u there ?
Sent at 1:51

ehcp support:.

ehcp user: plz fix those things in next release.
Sent at 1:55

ehcp support:i assign some priority to things to do..
i take into acount your suggestions.

ehcp user: thanks
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ehcp user: One question ? Why are u giving us a Control Panel free while CPanel and Plesk charges hefty amount for the same
Sent at 2:07

ehcp support:1m
the answer is in the story of " why i started this panel"
2 years ago,
i needed a free panel
i searched on net a lot.
there were a few ones, ravencore, vhcs and so on...
but none of them was easily installable...
away from easy install,
they werent even functional after installation finished...
so, i decided to write a new more usable one
i am programmer,
i saw a gap at this point.
why free :
i think basic software should be free, or very cheap..

ehcp support:i think, completely free software forever is not very possible... as long as developers ...
earns from another source of money...
now, i earn my life from another business, related tolinux.
Finally, think that, software should be free as much as possible, or at most: it must be very cheap... since, this is worldwide..
think that,
100.000 people uses ehcp
and they pay only 1$ per year, in future...
this is quite enaugh for me...
Currently, it is free, and i earn my life from another linux related business...
and i earn a bit from advertise...

ehcp user: Hmm.....

ehcp user: Look I stay in India. The main prob here for software market here is piracy.
But why piracy ?
Becoz we long for our desired software by there flasy adverts on website.
Only to get scared when seeing the price in USD and that also very high .

ehcp user: and I seriously hav complain against market leader Intel
This company releases only Windows driver for most of its desktop mobos'
So even if I wish to shift to linux , I am unable to do so.

ehcp user: by the way which country do u live in ?

ehcp support:10min.busy.sory.

ehcp user: my default server homepage is now on
how can I edit this page ?

ehcp user: Sir .. R u there ?

ehcp support:come back.
i was busy. sory.

ehcp support:.

ehcp user: ya

ehcp support:I live in Turkey or Turkiye
you can edit that

ehcp user: great

ehcp support:in /var/www/index.html

ehcp user: hmm....

ehcp support:most files in
in ehcp dir

ehcp user: Can't I set up a FTP account to do that ?

ehcp support:i will continue to develop ehcp, free forever, as long as i can...
and, even if some day
i had to switch to non-free,
i ensure that
i will keep current version free, since this is opensource
and may be only future versions non free,

ehcp user: Great man.....

ehcp support:and, even in non free, i will ensure that:
1- will be very cheap
2- will be again opensource
3- will be full php, or equivalent language...

ehcp user: Clap Clap

ehcp support:as i stated before.. 1$ per year, is far enaugh for me... for each server owner...
for example..
currently, i have a regular job,

ehcp user: great...

ehcp support:and i dont to switch to non-free.... it is not needed.
for me
i earn enaugh now...

ehcp user: In this market for recession

ehcp support:thats all.... about price, being free...
lets come to ftp,
in theoric and practical, it is possible to set up ftp for /var/www
but i disabled it in ehcp gui, because of security reasons...
but you can still do it by editing your ehcp tables directly.
it is described in ehcp site..
but, in upcoming version of 0.29.10, it will be possible to set up ftp
in any domain, any subdomain or under any ftp/dir wich is below /var/www/vhosts/ftpusername/

ehcp user: scary !! ehcp tables ?? Whats that ?

ehcp support:but, i still did not implement ftp for any dir in system, since this is a big serucity hole.
go to phpmyadmin,
ehcp db
ftpaccounts table
and all tables in ehcp db
ehcp runs on these tables !
full opensource, full open db...

ehcp user: let me see....

ehcp user: there is no db in my server !!!

ehcp user: currently there is no sql user and sql db in my server

ehcp user: so how to access that hidden db ?
R u there ?

ehcp user: ya

ehcp support:did you finish your ehcp
the db appears after you finish ehcp install

ehcp user: totally finished

ehcp support:what you see on your phpmyadmin, login as root

ehcp user:
I was typing the wrong username
Forgive my ignorance
got into ehcp db
then ?

ehcp support:look in ftpaccounts table.

ehcp user: then

ehcp support:then analyze it... add an ftp in ehcp gui
then see it ftp accounts
then insert
a new one
with homedir of you wish
thats all.

ehcp user: hmmm
ehcp user: what will be the homedir ? /var/www/ ???

ehcp user: what will be the homedir ? /var/www/ ???
Sent at 4:52 PM on Tuesday

ehcp user: sir the FTP account is getting created on /var/www/vhosts/ directory
I need access on the parent directory.

ehcp support:yes, normaly it does like that.
to change it,
just edit that row
in phpmyadmin,
ftpaccounts table
fill homedir field
this is a non-standard way,
and pay attention, some dangerous

ehcp user: thats fine... then what to write in homedir to access parent directory

ehcp support:for anydir you write there, on console, chown vsftpd anydir

ehcp user: ok, I will do that
but what to write on that homedir field ????

ehcp support:/var/www for example