see default ehcp page instead of my domain ?

if you see default ehcp page instead of your domain,

there may be two reasons:
1- your ehcp daemon is not working,
get into console,

cd /var/www/vhosts/ehcp
sudo nohup php index.php daemon &

then, in your panel, click on syncdomains, syncdns,


the installer probably did not put apache configuration directive to your /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file

normally, the line
Include /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/apachehcp.conf

should be added at the end of
/etc/apache2/apache2.conf file

open /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file with your editor,
add line:
Include /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/apachehcp.conf
at the end, if it is not already there..

if you installed ehcp somewhere else, update the line accordingly.