an dialog with an ehcp user, webserver owner

Guest: hi

me: hi

Guest: how configure suphp?
or how configure vhost with uid

me: i dont know. you may do normally as done in Ubuntu
cannot be done
in ehcp
normal manual way.

Guest: for memory_limit in htaccess?
block this function

me: i didnt understand your last question. explain please.
Sent at 11:44 PM on Wednesday

me: ?

Guest: the users can change the memory limit in htaccess
and I wish that this will not happen

me: understand now.
how it is done in .htaccess.
or apache custom template ?
memory limit for php ?

Guest: i dont understand
the memory limit is configured in php.ini
but the users can change this value in .htaccess

me: by which command ?

Guest: php_value memory_limit 32M

me: ok,

Guest: it is an exemple

me: that is also possible in apache template then...

Guest: wow

me: undertand now
i will think about this.
thank you for your suggestion and warning.

me: checking now for a solution.
do you use ehcp actively now ? on your server ?

Guest: yes

Sent at 11:52 PM on Wednesday

me: how many domains do you host, and are you satisfied in general, which problems do you live ? can you give nrief information or your experience, opinions ?
about ehcp
Sent at 11:53 PM on Wednesday

Guest: I do not know if I understood the question
i offer free web hosting
now i have 150 users

me: do you host 150 domains using ehcp ?

Guest: I ehcp chosen because it is the perfect customization

i found a partial answer to your previous question.

Guest: I would only be able to check each user

me: memory_limit can be set in .htaccess and apache template.
you may just disable custom apache template. this is a basic solution.
other one, you may search for .htaccess files on your system, using a bash/php script.
i will think a solution about this.
Sent at 11:58 PM on Wednesday

Guest: mmm