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Im having difficulty understanding how EHCP works on an account level.
Its not very clear to me how im supposed to go about making a new account and i have tried a few options.
I only want to make account that would be accessible through something like: Not since this requires me setting up my own ns servers and doing allot of work to my network which i dotn have the resources for.
an option for just simple subdirectory account would be a nice feature if its not already its not very clear how to use.
can you give me any info on how accouns ('domains') are stored and were etc.

As I understand, You mean account as "domains" as you said in last line,
each domain in ehcp has its own file space (unless you do some type of redirection).
So, is not a normal hosting way.. if you mean account as for example,,
what is meaning of holding, under an url like ?

* if you only want to have somehting like which has its own ftp: this will be available in versions later than 0.29.09 (i think to release with next minor version)

* if you have your own server, with a fixed-real ip, then you have already your own dns server (some people dont know that they have already dns server). in this case, you dont need an external dns service, so, you may host as many domains as you wish..

* if you mean something other than these, explain..

* in ehcp, there are a few levels of account: server admin, reseller, domain admin, email user, subdomain with ftp..