user rights and error when installing atmail in subdomain


I wanted to ask a question about a error i get when installing a script in
a subdomain.

I have a subdomain and i uploaded atmail (webmail) in there..
When i want to install via de webscript i get the following error.

Warning: copy(../libs/Atmail/Config.php) [function.copy]: failed to open
stream: Permission denied in
on line 67

Warning: include(html/english/template.html) [function.include]: failed to
open stream: No such file or directory in
on line 170

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening
'html/english/template.html' for inclusion
on line 170

I can work around this by chmod or chown, but after a few seconds the
rights are set back to the user vsftpd...
So how do i permanently change the rights.
Apache seems to be running under www-data but al the domains are owned by

Tnx in advance..

You should not change owner, but you should only change permissions,
that is, to let apache web user to write to files, do:
chmod a+w filename/dirname
chmod 777 file/dirname

vsftpd is ftp system username, so that you can upload/download files by ftp.
syncdomains is run every few minutes (which includes setting of owners of files) to fix all files, in case they are damaged by users. For example, if user deletes access_log somehow (for ex by ftp) apache may fail to start; to avoid this, we implemented this feature... You can disable this feature, (sync domains every few minutes) in classapp.php (function daemon, search for "# on every 50 sleep interval" ) if you wish...

changing mode of files, instead of changing owner should also work for you.

Let me know, if i can help more,
and if you you have any suggestions for ehcp write here.

A security concern: If he chmod's his files 777, won't other users on the same server be able to access his files using php?

in ehcp, apache configuration, no

Because, in ehcp's apache configuration, we have open_basedir {homedir}, So, every domain has only access rights to its home directory... (I should say that this becomes sometime annoying, if a script needs to access /tmp folder... )

This security issues should be considered a lot... I also need to take care of this a lot.. let me know, if i do something wrong...

you may test and send us results, if another domain's user is able to read/write your domain's files..
you may use non existing domains too, using only hosts files... you dont need to have real two domains....

if you have other questions, write here.