Uninstall of ehcp

to uninstall ehcp from your server/computer,

just remove files at /var/www/ehcp
and files at /var/lib/mysql/ehcp

you have to be root to be able to do this.

its done !

not sure what happened to the above - trying again


I have tried uninstalling ehcp using the above method

However when I go to my IP address in a browser I still see the following page

Any ideas.....please be gentle a real noob to linux / unix

Running on Hardy Heron

Thanks for any advise

Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu and alikes..
This is default ehcp-apache index file.
click here for EHCP CONTROL PANEL HOME on your server

if you see this page instead of what you expect, you probably did not set up your domain on this server. Please log into your ehcp panel and set up your domain..or ask your admin/provider to do so...
www.ehcp.net Home
Additional info about ehcp
Troubleshoot your ehcp installation..(not fully implemented yet..)
ehcp test server 1 provided by 1paket.com
ehcp test server 2 provided by www.touchvps.eu