Bandwidth quota

I thought I'd start a new topic for this.

I thought of an easy way to set monthly bandwidth quota limits. You can take any action when an user is over quota, but you can't limit his bandwidth. You don't need any apache modules to do this and it doesn't use to much cpu. I can get this done in a few days.

You could use mod_cband for more advanced options, but the developer's site has been down for a few months and it may be difficult to install it automatically.

What option do you think is better?

I think using an apache module such as mod_cband or something like that to limit bandwidth is not needed for the moment..
We should implement it in a simplest way as you said above, not to limit bandwidth but only measure bandwidth used and make domain passive if it passes over bw quota.

Btw, in domain space quota, we should later implement it including emails, dbs, currently as you know, it only includes web files..

Thank you a lot for hiring me, and helping me in thniking/devleoping..
if you have a website or something like that, give me the link, so that i will put your link in an adequate place in

see you

mod_cband would probably be the easiest way to go and can be configured following:


I can read the bandwidth used from webalizer's reports (they are static files). I'll get it working in a few days.

I don't have a personal website. I'm trying to improve ehcp because I think it could be useful to a lot of people. As you know, I take care of a small web server and ehcp is just what I need for that.

since you know programming and you deal with ehcp, i would like to make you a profit, as much as i can.
i may provide you hosting space, if you need, i said in case you pay for your hostings; i mean, dont pay for hosting, as i have some space to give you..