Who are ehcp's target users?

Right now ehcp is a good control panel for beginners or lazy people. It's very easy and fast to set up and it's easy to use. It's features can't compete with plesk or cpanel or even ispconfig right now, but it is easier to set up than any of those, and this is very important.

What I don't like is the website. Drupal's forum isn't very well organized; most forums display subjects ordered by posting time, so you can follow the discussion thread, avatars for the forum would be nice so you can see faster who posted etc. A good forum is important because most users will use it to get help.
Also, the website could be better organized. These are a few product sites I like:

On a good product website you can see from the first page what that product does and a few screenshots (useful for new users), a download button for the latest version (useful for existing users), links to documentation and forums. You have most of those here, but they aren't very visible.

I think ehcp should be promoted as the easy to install and easyto use control panel. I could help you redesign the site in that direction if you want.

Sure, i would accept your help in redesigning the site,
what i want to keep as of now on site:
drupal as cms, that is, you should better prepare a drupal template,
following sections: sponsors, some google ads, ehcp logo, main menu and so on.

You may change anything other on site, regarding appearance,
i also wish to listen from you, your suggestions on sections to be showed in new site..
if you prepare a new, as you said "easy to install, easy to user" themed website, i will test and mostly put it on this site..

And, thank you again a lot for your great article on howtoforge..

see you.

What version of drupal are you using? Would you consider redesigning the logo?

i use drupal 6.9, the latest now,
you may re-design logo,
in fact, it is not a logo, only a 5-min work.
you may design a logo, which insists "easiness.."


I started playing with drupal and a theme I like: http://teste.roxi.ro/drupal/
It's just an idea, but I'd like to know what you think.

I don't have any idea for the logo yet.
LE: My design assistant (aka girlfriend) says the screenshot captures too much attention. I'll see what I can do about that. :)

dont forget to keep som sections such as sponsors, google ads, as much as you can
ideally, we should be able to add easily new content, to new areas of screen, with little distortion in main visual aspects.

It's just the beginning. I used a theme that should work with all the sections that are now on the page. I'll see if I can convert it to a 3 column layout.
I just want to make things easier to find on the site and make them look better.

I had some time to think about the website and I think the theme is ok. You could add a mission statement (in the site information). Something like http://teste.roxi.ro/drupal/ (but with a nicer download button :P )

Also you could add 2 pages for screenshots and documentation and, if you trust me enough, give me access to edit them.

su i trust you, :)
drupal does not allow for individual pages .
I set your username as Editor, with many rights including site configuration in drupal,
you may also write a blog for screenshot and download/site info and set it home/top content..
see you