Will not login

I have successfully went through the install process. Now when i got to my domain i enter admin and 1234 and it does not login. It also does not give me any errors. What can be going on here? You can try at sqoneusa.com.

Also, i really like this package and what you have put together so far. I used to be a really big fan of perl. I have been gaining interest in PHP and i have always wanted to contribute to an open source project. I have never done it before so i dont know where to start. Maybe soon i will go through the source and see if i can get invloved.

Tony Stone

thank you for trying ehcp.
i would like to see you in development process..
php has gained a big jump in linux shell/web programming together..
In this project, %99 of installer is php, %1 is bash for initial installation start, approximately.
%100 of running code is php.
i use php for both web programming and for background system daemon operations..
I tried to do coding simple, commented and self explaining.. you will see some Turkish comments too in code, dont wory, most of them translated to english side by side, or they are for additional explanations that can be ignored.
To start contributing in development process, take look at code, then contact me.. msn/email: info@ehcp.net or ehcpdeveloper@iyibirisi.com, skype/gmail/gtalk/yahoo: ehcpdeveloper

Lets come to your question:
check these:
1- did you enter default pass while installing ? are you sure it is 1234 ?
2- are you sure your mysql running ?
3- are you sure your mysql ehcp user pass is correctly defined in config.php in ehcp dir. to check this, go to phpmyadmin, then try to login as ehcp user..
4- to reset your admin user pass, go to your phpmyadmin, go to ehcp db, panelusers table, edit admin row, then enter your desired pass, choose md5 as function on left of pass entry, then submit.. this way you will be able to login, even if you forgot your admin pass...

if nothing works, write here your state or contact me.. i may try to help you by connecting your server too...

I ended up reinstalling the system. It seems to work great this time around. I cant wait to get involved. I see a few improvments i can make already so what i will do is start messing with my test server to see if my ability will actually be of use to the project. Thanks for the fast responce!

Tony Stone

nice to hear that you have solved it.. i am also happy to see you in contibuting/development of this...
With this comment, i would like to say to you and to everybody that, i need help of every people at every level of knowledge...
Either you are an experienced programmer or you are a novice user... it does not matter.. You can help me/us in improvement of this project somehow... All you need is to want to get included...

From easy to hard for example, you can:
0- Test our site, suggest something, support us in forums and so on...
1- Test ehcp, see progress of installation or usage,
2- test usage, functions of ehcp, or suggest some improvements at gui/html,
3- You may design new templates, fix existing ones, fix ehcp's html codes, designs
3.5: Find new easy install scripts and suggest them to us...
3.6: fix existing easy install scripts, or write small commands to simplify install process for them..

4- You may add new functions to ehcp coding, with php coding,
5- you may fix any errors/bugs in ehcp code (harder than writing new one as above...)
6- Develop new ways of hosting automation with php, i think most hard part...

Currently, i deal almost with all of them ... Or alternatively, if you still do not understand or do not know where to start, contact me/us..

By saying here you, i dont mean hacknperl, i say to all... :)