website bandwidth

How can I set the website bandwidth to unlimited? How does the bandwidth limiting work?


as of now, it simply does not work.. bw limit numbers while seting up domains are for future only..
ehcp currently does not support hd or bw quota.. These will be implemented later...
So, your websites and ftp is already unlimited.. :S
i am looking for some efficient, non-resource consuming, easy way of implementing this.. if you have any idea, let me know...

ehcp currently has hdd disk space quota, not bandwidth quota..
bandwidth settings simply do not work at the moment..

Apache Module Mod_Cband can limit it per month or per second.


I have a guy I've hired to try to get mod_cband to work on my EHCP panel via he can get it to work, I will give the source code that will work with Ubuntu :)...I will set up a donation site to it, because it is a fairly large amount that must be paid to the worker. Thanks :)


Follow this site to install mod_cband if you want bandwidth quotas