Ehcp for RedHat / CentOS

Din anyone port ehcp to redhat?
I use debian on my server, but I think many people would be interested in a version of ehcp for redhat. If there isn't one already, I'd like to port it.

What needs to be modified except the install scripts?

This is an email sent to someone who asked centos:

there is not any such doc, about installation on Centos. Because, we are not supporting Centos, because the system/mentality of Centos is a little different then Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses apt-get, centos uses rpm. ehcp is heavily using apt-get, while installing.

All I can say is this:
* identify packages in ehcp (you can look at install_lib.php and, containing lines apt-get); such as mysql-server, apache2, courier etc..
* find same or equivalent packages in Centos
* install those packages in Centos
* make same configuration manually, that install_lib.php does. this is not easy if you are not a programmer, or if you dont know a little about php.

This way, you may have a working copy in Centos. But note that I say "you may". There is no guarantie that it will work, we did not test this. This just a guess. You may even not find equivalnt packages in Centos..

Sory that I could not help much.