Template modifications


I wasn't satisfied with the default ehcp template, so I made a few changes.
I rearranged the links to save a few clicks and made a few other minor changes.

I use ehcp 0.27; I hope this will work on newer versions too.
To test the template you'll have to change the file extension to tar, extract it and copy the folder to your templates folder.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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thank you for your contribution.
i tested, it works and looks nice.
this template works with ver 0.28, 0.29 and later, until we change template system somehow..

if you need assistance with your ehcp/server contact me...

Ehcp works ok, seems stable and fast, but it doesn't look very nice and it isn't very easy to use. I migrated from ispconfig to ehcp and so far I'm satisfied.
When I'll have some free time I can try to make a template that looks more like VHM/Cpanel; right now I was more concerned with functionality than looks.

A nice template, an update script and good tutorials are important things that need to be done.

I made a new template that looks more like windows xp's "My Computer". You can download it form http://teste.roxi.ro/xp.tar

I still use ehcp 0.27, but the template should work for newer versions too. You are free to do whatever you want with it.

this is very good, thank you for your work.. I may set this default for future versions.. thank you a lot..

I've done a few changes to the template. Please download the new version from: http://teste.roxi.ro/xp2.tar

this is better, thank you for your good job... I also made some simple changes to reflect new version features.. i will upload them, so that we work on same copies.. btw, i included your previous clean template also in ehcp distro...

Uploaded to www.ehcp.net/download/xps.tar.gz
added some links to homepage, "easy add domain to my ftp" to left pane,
you may fix/offer some other changes too.. i did not like homepage table border very much but...
* We may move flags to left pane or some other place too...
Anyway, thank a lot... this will be ehcp's default template soon..

I added a search form in the left div and made a few minor css changes. I worked om my version, but I only added a few lines in the template_en.html file and edited the css file.

Alternate download link: http://s6.transfer.ro/storage/xp3-e3057.tar

It's still work in progress, but please take a look.


You became a professional in this... thank you for this, seems great... i put on my sever, very good..
Please put your name and/or your link to your website, on somewhere on your template, on an appropriate place...
after finishing your work, let me know,
i already put xp2 as default ehcp template in ehcp downloads,
after you finish your work with xp4, i will update ehcp default template..

btw, i fixed many small bugs in ehcp, put on download, will put some other improvements too, these are not functional improvement, but behind-the-scenes improvements...

thank you.

I added another div on the right for system information. Please redownload the archive to see it. Right now I just pasted the result of the script there, it's not dynamic.

I use a small script to generate that information and I think it would be usefull if you could include it with php exec or something. I didn't want to run the script from the template file.

echo ""
echo "=========================================================================="
echo "Memory: used free (MB)"
free -m | grep buffers/ca | cut -d":" -f2
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------"
df -h -t ext3
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------"
echo -n " Failed auth attempts in the log: "
cat /var/log/auth.log | grep "authentication failure" | wc -l
echo "=========================================================================="
echo ""

did you finish your improvements with xp4 ?

I've made a few more changes. Please download it from:

I don't plan to make any more changes for now, so you can consider it a final version. :)